Representing Switzerland

Swiss Lacrosse’s main goal is to grow and develop Lacrosse in Switzerland. This is why Swiss Lacrosse has additional eligibility criteria to the ones of World Lacrosse. Players from outside Switzerland representing the country have to be of additional value for the sport in Switzerland.

Athletes that play in the Swiss League system for a full season or participate in every tryout and practice of their desired National Team are always eligible. Every other case will be determined on a case by case basis. Players will need to contribute to the development of Lacrosse in Switzerland in some form. The board of Swiss Lacrosse will decide and consult with the coaching staff in each case.

Players who started playing Lacrosse in Switzerland and have since moved to a different country are exempt from this rule. In no case will Swiss Lacrosse nominate so called «ringers» that will only be present at the respective tournament and not partake in any activities leading up to it.

Players who want to try out for one of our National Teams contact the respective GMs:

Men’s Field GMJacob
Women’s Field GMTiffany
Men’s Box GMMario von